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Title Deciphering Monetary Policy Board Minutes with Text Mining
Author Young Joon Lee (Yonsei University), Soohyon Kim (Yonsei University) and Ki Young Park (Yonsei University)
Volume 35 Number 2
Pages 471-511 
Keywords Monetary Policy, Text Mining, Taylor Rule, Machine Learning, Bank of Korea
Abstract We quantify the Monetary Policy Board minutes of the Bank of Korea (BOK) by using text mining. We propose a novel approach that uses a field-specific Korean dictionary and contiguous sequences of words (n-grams) to capture the subtlety of central bank communications. Our text-based indicator helps explain the current and future BOK monetary policy decisions when considering an augmented Taylor rule, suggesting that it contains additional information beyond the currently available macroeconomic variables.In explaining the current and future monetary policy decisions, our indicator remarkably out performs English-based textual classifications, a media-based measure of economic policy uncertainty, and a data-based measure of macroeconomic uncertainty. Our empirical results also emphasize the importance of using a field-specific dictionary and the original Korean text.
File KER-20190701-35-2-08.pdf
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