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Volume : 36 No. : 1 Year : 2020
No. Title & Author Downloads
1 Statistical Discrimination, Employer Learning, and Employment Gap by Race and Education
[Seik Kim (Korea University) and Hwa Ryung Lee (Korea Development Institute) ]
2 The Efficiency of Financial Holding Companies in Korea
[Garam Ahn (KAIST College of Business), Frederick Dongchuhl Oh (KAIST College of Business) and Junghum Park (University of Essex) ]
3 Sectoral Heterogeneity in Nominal Rigidities in Korea: Implications for Monetary Policy
[Seula Kim (University of Maryland) and Jae Won Lee (University of Virginia) ]
4 Competition in Corporate and Personal Income Tax: Evidence from 67 Developed and Developing Countries
[Young Lee (Hanyang University) ]
5 Review on Difference in Differences
[Myoung-jae Lee (Korea University) and Yasuyuki Sawada (Asian Development Bank) ]
6 Parental Cheating Regarding Childs Birthday: A Response to the School Cutoff Date
[Hyunkuk Cho (Yeungnam University) and Yong-Woo Lee (Yeungnam University) ]
7 Impact of Longevity Risks on the Korean Government: Proposing a New Mortality Forecasting Model
[Yongok Choi (Chung-Ang University) ]
8 Cross-Border Spillover Effect of Particulate Matter Pollution between China and Korea
[Hyemin Park (Ministry of Environment), Wonhyuk Lim (KDI School of Public Policy and Management) and Hyungna Oh (Kyung Hee University) ]
9 Accounting for Changes in House Prices and Rent in Korea, 2001–2016
[Jay H. Hong (Seoul National University), Choonsung Park (Korea Institute of Finance) and Joon Song (Seoul National University) ]
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